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Why Choose Us


Each of our boats is built to CE standards meeting or exceeding US and Canadian Coast Guard certifications. Our CWB trained staff ensure you receive only the highest quality boat at affordable prices.

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Oakley Boats are a true 24 degree dead raise which gives our boats a smooth ride in rough water. Our boats use multi-chine to further create a soft dry ride while ensuring a stable stationary boat. This combination ensures a more fuel efficient best in class ride. All Oakley Boats include EVA decking as standard equipment, further reducing noise as well as hot slippery floors.


Safety is our #1 propriety at Oakley Boats. Our “Adventure” line of boats, are built using 5 separate chambers in the hull which are foam filled. This ensures should an accident happen, the entire hull doesn’t flood. In addition, the foam acts as sound barrier ensuring a quieter ride than conventional aluminium boats. All Oakley boats have self-draining floors with scuppers, high gunwales and plenty of hand rails.

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Still not convinced?

Take a look through the various boat models we offer here at Oakley Boats. We're certain you'll find your boat in no time!

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